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Mary Cummins, Jim Bickhart, LA City and Ed Boks

Reposted due to popular demand: Mary Cummins Notorious Cyberstalker: Is she trying to extort LA City with her meritless lawsuit against LA Animal Services GM Ed Boks?

Mary Cummins lawsuit alleges that she worked as an LAAS Volunteer beginning in 2001. It conveniently omits that Mary Cummins was fired by GM Guerdon Stuckey in November 2005. At the time, the firing of Mary Cummins baffled members of the humane community. Mary Cummins hideous history of harassment and libel had yet to come to light.

However, behind the scenes and unknown to many, Mary Cummins was seen as a nasty and most unwelcome presence in the LAAS rescue community, especially among talented and experienced wildlife rescuers who complained to LAAS as well as Fish and Game about her questionable treatment of the animals. There was the wildlife legislation that they saw Mary Cummins wrongfully take credit for. There was the claim by Mary Cummins that she had rescued hundreds of animals from the LAAS shelters; rescuers say that number was “less than ten” in a year. One rescuer raised questions about Mary Cummins possession and use of euthanasia drugs. That rescuer became one of Mary Cummins victims; pages defaming this woman were posted in cyberspace.

The animal control officers had problems with Mary Cummins, too. An incident of dead cats in Mary Cummins front yard on N Sweetzer in West Hollywood went from one story to another; Mary Cummins blamed a rescuer, a coyote, an animal control officer. No one ever got the true story but one of Mary Cummins neighbors strongly believes Mary Cummins should have been questioned harder.

There was the incident with the Coyote Task Force. Mary Cummins wanted to be president of the Coyote Task Force but a very lovely and credible wildlife rescuer named Brenda Varvarigos from Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation was the obvious choice. Mary Cummins was told she couldn’t become the president because she didn’t live in the Valley. At which point Mary Cummins produced a phony lease from an apartment building in the Valley.

Besides the obvious that Mary Cummins was a liar, there was no question that Brenda Varvarigos was far more qualified to head the Coyote Task Force than Mary Cummins was. Crazy Mary Cummins isn't even licensed to handle coyote. Varvarigos is.

According to rescuers, Mary Cummins went to LA City Councilman Dennis Zine’s office and threw a shouting fit. Zine’s office then sent a memo stating that Brenda Varvarigos’ safety could not be assured as long as Mary Cummins was in the mix.

In or around September 2005, the DAW group became aware of a man who had 300 pigeons living in his house. This man, whose name is Red Enright, had also become known to PETA. PETA had spoken with Red Enright, decided he was a “hoarder” and called Torrance Animal Control.

Charlotte Laws, the head of the DAWS, became concerned that Torrance Animal Control would kill all Red Enright’s pigeons. Charlotte Laws contacted Mary Cummins, the wildlife rescuer, for ONE REASON AND ONE REASON ONLY—to try to LEGALLY RESCUE the birds.

Unknown to Charlotte Laws and the rest of the DAWS, but according to wildlife rescuers, when Torrance Animal Control arrived at Red Enright’s home, they were greeted by the sight of Mary Cummins in a BHLE Animal Control Officer’s Uniform. The crazy nut Mary Cummins was posing as a cop!

There were many incidents and complaints. One of the most interesting, in light of what has recently occurred with the Mary Cummins-Cobb vs. LA City and Ed Boks lawsuit, was that a memo was sent to all LAAS Animal Control officers instructing them to avoid being in a room alone with Mary Cummins for fear that she would sue for sexual harassment.

It is not known whether or not Mary Cummins was paid by LA Deputy Mayor Jim Bickhart to do a background search on future LAAS GM Ed Boks, but an email from Mary Cummins to Jim Bickhart and several rescuers stated that “Ed Boks is an angel coming to save our animal angels.” Mary Cummins included several links to Best Friends articles about Ed Boks.

Though Mary Cummins was a known nutcase around cyberspace, beginning her treachery and harassment of decent citizens in or around 1998, as well as a known nutcase to the wildlife rescue community, to many in LA City the first glimpse of what a treacherous wacko Mary Cummins is came in an email sent from Mary Cummins to attorney and former AGM candidate Terri Macellaro in or around January 2006.

In that shocking email, which Macellaro circulated widely, Mary Cummins insists that Macellaro withdraw from the AGM position. Mary Cummins threatened that if Terri Macellaro did not withdraw, “The City will be done with you forever.”

Terri Macellaro represented City Attorneys, ex-mayor Richard Riordan, ex-mayor James Hahn, to name a few CITY OFFICIALS. The email was seen by many to be a direct threat on Terri Macellaro’s livelihood.

When asked if she was speaking for the city, Mary Cummins went ballistic. She sent angry illogical emails and posted to the DAW news group that she was being “accused of being a city employee.” In her own words, Mary Cummins declared that she was not employed by the City of Los Angeles.

She was, however, an LAAS volunteer, reinstated by LAAS GM Ed Boks in or around December 2005, which Mary Cummins is now arguing in her frivolous lawsuit against LA City and Ed Boks, qualified her as an employee with the same equal protection under the law. It could be argued, and we hope the City does argue, that the abusive threatening email from Mary Cummins to attorney and AGM candidate Terri Macellaro was one of the early examples of Mary Cummins breach of the LA City Code of Ethics XII

..."No officer or employee of the City shall directly or indirectly use or attempt to use the authority or influence of such officer or employee for the purpose of intimidating, threatening, coercing, commanding, or influencing any person with the intent of interfering with that person’s duty to disclose improper activity.”

In or around February 2006, Terri Macellaro hosted a meet and greet for Ed Boks. At that event, Mary Cummins was introduced as the VOLUNTEER who would be working on the LAAS website. She was dressed in a baggy “jumper” wore no makeup, and spoke about how the color blue would encourage people to keep their animals instead of turning them in to the city’s shelters. Few understood the reasoning, but it would still take a month for folks to get the complete picture about what a nutcase Mary Cummins actually is.

The understanding by the LAAS union employees (who didn’t want Mary Cummins working with them, even for FREE), the humane community, and the LAAS Animal Commission was that Mary Cummins, AN UNPAID VOLUNTEER, would be building a better website.

In or around February 2006, Found Foundation President David Loftus received an email from Edward Muzika, one of Mary Cummins friends in the animal rights world. Muzika stated that Mary Cummins needed money and that she would be more motivated to work on the website if she were paid. The sum Mary Cummins was demanding was easily twice the amount the Found Foundation was willing to pay. It was decided that Mary Cummins would receive $5000 per month.


Arguably, when Mary Cummins demanded and received that sum, she ceased to be an unpaid volunteer of the City of Los Angeles. Mary Cummins at that point, you could argue, became a paid contractor of the Found Foundation.

Did Mary Cummins continue to rescue animals from the LAAS shelter during that time? We know what she was doing. MARY CUMMINS WAS BLOGGING.


Did Ed Boks “force” Mary Cummins to blog? It’s an interesting question, but there is an easy answer. Mary Cummins had a LONG HISTORY of threatening, libeling, harassing and abusing others online LONG BEFORE SHE MET ED BOKS. And Ed Boks had never engaged in such behavior before meeting Mary Cummins, nor has he done such since. Ed Boks continues to have critics in the LA humane community and THERE ARE NO BLOGS DEFAMING ANY OF THESE FOLKS. On the other hand, Mary Cummins is the person NOTORIOUS for this sick behavior. Not Ed Boks. Mary Cummins is the person known for this horrible behavior AROUND THE WORLD, including against LA publishing company Paisano Publications. NOT ED BOKS!

It was widely known by March 2006 that Mary Cummins had been sleeping with LA City Deputy Mayor, Jim Bickhart “Big Fart.”

In or around March 2006 the LA City Council and reporters at several LA City newspapers received an anonymous package documenting Mary Cummins serious history of libeling, cyberstalking, offline stalking, and harassing stock investors, rescuers, bikers, and others. In response to that, LA City Councilwoman Janice Hahn said in open city council session that Mary Cummins is "a terrorist."

Everyone in the humane community was shocked. But the true story was yet to be revealed.

In or around March 2006, the union woman and systems analyst Donelle Holly who worked on the LAAS website—maybe for around ten to fifteen dollars an hour—learned that Mary Cummins was to be in charge of her work. Did this occur in direct violation of SEIU 347 union rules?

Donelle Holly, an African American UNION MEMBER quit HER UNION JOB and filed a complaint against the city. She has since gotten employment elsewhere, but the fact remains that Mary Cummins took a union job, which she had said she was doing for FREE, got PAID and did the job FAR WORSE than the union worker had. Donelle Holly was a systems analyst; Mary Cummins resume at that point was mainly in the fields of bashing stocks and cyberstalking her critics.

And so on one strange day in or around March 2006 the citizens of Los Angeles woke up to the shocking site of a MADWOMAN blogging anonymously on an INSANELY ILLOGICAL blog called LA’s Animal Friends:

LA’s Animal Friends was pure Mary Cummins at her most recognizable—as her many previous victims came forward would attest. It was a hideous mess of lies and libel. Mary Cummins alleged that ADLLA leader Pamelyn Ferdin was “trying to harm” her, “trying to run her out of town” and that her life was in danger. Everyone who read that blog realized that Mary Cummins was obsessed, probably a nutcase, and a liar to boot.

On LA’s Animal Friends Mary Cummins accused known humane spokesperson Nathan Winograd of being involved in an extortion plot with ADLLA and Terri Macellaro. Mary Cummins called people “criminals” and “insane” with no basis for it whatsoever, other than they did not agree with her. She threatened all the city’s AGM candidates with exposure for their “dirty deeds” if they didn’t withdraw their candidacy for the position. All of these AGM candidates were decent caring individuals who deserved a chance to apply for that job. And yet, Mary Cummins the “animal lover” was threatening them with ruin if they didn’t quietly go away.

Here’s that Ethic’s Code Law again folks. Embroider it on a pillow.

..."No officer or employee of the City shall directly or indirectly use or attempt to use the authority or influence of such officer or employee for the purpose of intimidating, threatening, coercing, commanding, or influencing any person with the intent of interfering with that person’s duty to disclose improper activity.”

Shortly after Mary Cummins began blogging her reign of terror against the AGM candidates, rescuers, critics of LA City and Ed Boks, reporters, attorneys, Nathan Winograd et al, one rescuer she had been “friends” with named Daniel Guss went from being a supporter to a critic of Ed Boks. Mary Cummins then sent Daniel Guss an email THREATENING him in a worse way—if you can imagine it—than she had threatened Terri Macellaro and the other AGM candidates.

The emails LAAS "VOLUNTEER" Mary Cummins sent—AS MARY CUMMINS with her email address MMMARYINLA@AOL.COM--threatening Dan Guss from what he felt was his "duty" about criticizing LA City Government stated that Mary Cummins was getting him fired from his job IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR for criticizing the city. Mary Cummins threatened that Dan Guss would loose his job, his home, his car, his healthcare, for criticizing the city and that “Terri will be fired, too.” Sad and sick as it was, it was also comical in the infamous Mary Cummins illogic—Terri Macellaro is self-employed.

Mary Cummins did follow through on her threats against Dan Guss’ job, home and security. Mary Cummins called Dan Guss’ employers at Toyota, repeatedly.

And they took her seriously, too, as did Dan Guss. So seriously that a photo of Mary Cummins—who was shaping up as one sick stalker—was posted with security at the Toyota doors.

Mary Cummins, who has posted to stock investor boards that she is “too pretty to be ignored” hates being ignored. So, when Mary Cummins threats to have Daniel Guss fired didn’t pan out, Mary Cummins then went into her infamous behavior of turning the tables. Allegedly, Mary Cummins or one of her friends, called Daniel Guss’ employers and said that he was threatening her.

Mary Cummins had done this so many times it is amazing that she could think anyone would fall for it. First Mary Cummins victimizes and threatens decent people—some of Mary Cummins victims honestly fear her and believe she can become violent-- and THEN MARY CUMMINS LIES TO REPRESENT THAT HER VICTIMS ARE HER “ATTACKERS.” Mary Cummins has filed false police reports against her victims, claiming that they want to “harm” her.

In fact Mary Cummins INSANELY ILLOGICAL lawsuit actually alleges that she didn’t go out of her house because she feared “the animal activists.” Mary Cummins alleges that “the animal activists” broke her car windshield.

Here’s the comical part: When Mary Cummins went to LAPD to get these so called “attackers” arrested, Mary Cummins was fired from LAAS instead. As we believe she should have been.

Again, the LA City Code Of Ethics XII states in part... “No officer or employee of the City shall directly or indirectly use or attempt to use the authority or influence of such officer or employee for the purpose of intimidating, threatening, coercing, commanding, or influencing any person with the intent of interfering with that person’s duty to disclose improper activity.”

To be continued: Mary Cummins NOTORIOUS AFFAIRS AND FLIRTATIONS WITH JIM BICKHART AND OTHERS. Mary Cummins "joke" that she would "blow" James Hahn if he would promise to help the animals; Mary Cummins emails Commissioner Kathy Riordan and tells others that ex-mayor Dick Riordan was "staring at her breasts." (According to this lunatic Mary Cummins, EVERYONE "WANTS" HER)

The how and why Mary Cummins is dropped by the Found Foundation as LAAS website designer, gets Found Foundation President Dave Loftus fired, and turns her infamous treachery against LA City and Ed Boks.

How Mary Cummins takes a grant from the City of Santa Monica to help with their squirrel overpopulation problem and is fired when she FAILS TO ACCOUNT FOR THE MONEY.

Also, The truth about how Mary Cummins tried to get Found Foundation billionaire to invest in her own business. Mary Cummins posts on Ebay that the Rolex watches and other expensive items she was selling were for her "Animal Advocates" charity. Phony allegations Mary Cummins continues to file against her critics, INCLUDING THE TRUMPED UP ALLEGATIONS IN THAT BOGUS LAWSUIT AGAINST LA CITY AND ED BOKS, where Mary Cummins alleges she was "libeled" by her critics, twists what was actually said about her, and the actually things that Mary Cummins critics said about her were PROVABLY TRUE.

More threats, more harassment, more victims of Mary Cummins--the nutcase who says women want to "rape and kill" her, as well as the true story of how the City of Los Angeles discovered Mary Cummins hideous past as well as her treacherous behavior against LAAS workers and volunteers.

You just can't make this stuff up!

Please see Part Two and Part Three of this Special Series elsewhere on this blog.

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