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Mary Cummins-Cobb Lunatic Lawsuit against Ed Boks --More About MMMaryInLA Wackjob In Cyberspace


Mary Cummins harassment of LA citizens on her psycho blog would endure for a year. Sometimes the posts were so nutty and cracked, and sometimes the posts crossed over to outright violence: On one post, Mary Cummins questioned whether Daniel Guss had been "beaten" by one of her friends at the time. Sounded like she was happily expecting it.

Which was what folks had feared for Daniel Guss, as the result of threatening phone calls allegedly being made to his bosses from Cummins or her associate. In one of the comments Mary Cummins (yeah, she was her comments section, too) suggested that ADLLA leader Pamelyn Ferdin needed to be "euthanized."

Of course in this nut Mary Cummins' world, everyone who criticized her and stood against her trechery was also, to nutty Mary Cummins, a "member of the ALF" about to be arrested. Mary Cummins posted to Mayor Sam's Sister City blog that her detractors were members of the ALF. "Call the FBI." None of this was true and Mayor Sam removed the posts. Mary Cummins also posted on Mayor Sam as Daniel Guss, accusing him of wanting to kill folks. Mary Cummins has posted numerous homophobic posts on Mayor Sam, but that is no surprise. This wacko hates everyone.

And Nutcase Mary Cummins has posted REPEATEDLY that her victims were criminals and that she was getting her victims arrested and investigated by law enforcement. IT NEVER HAPPENED. These were innocent people who where TELLING THE TRUTH about what a psycho nutcase Mary Cummins is. When Mary Cummins went to LAPD to get these people arrested, SHE GOT FIRED, INSTEAD. When Mary Cummins complained that she was being "threatened by animal activists" the LA City Attorneys investigated Mary Cummins and had her BANNED FROM CITY PROPERTY.

And then, Mary Cummins has lied that she's had the FBI working with her for years. It's an old stupid story with no proof whatsoever, in much the same way that Mary Cummins has the old stupid lie that she is married(Mary Cummins-Cobb actually put THAT LIE in her lawsuit against LA City and Ed Boks. Who lies about their marital status on a lawsuit? Well this wackjob does.)

Interestingly, Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates has also posted to Silicon Investor that she got pizza deliveries in the middle of the night from animal activists. If that were true, why isn't there a police report. Mary Cummins didn't file a police report. She blogged about it instead!

As the LA Chicken, Mary Cummins dressed in a chicken costume with a hatchet and fake blood around her neck, and took a protest to a Temple on Yom Kippur. Mary Cummins posted a press release on the LA City Website titled "Jewish Chicken Killing Ritual" and then posted the same press release with a phone number to the Kentucky Fried Chicken Headquarters in Louisville Kentucky.

The City Council and Mayor's office were swamped with phone calls for hours from furious Jewish community leaders, Rabbis, the Anti Defamation League...And according to a man at the temple that Mary Cummins picketed, the protesters shouted at the worshippers that they were "Palestinian children killers." He stated that they also said, "Why don't you kill your own children instead of the chickens"

But, when Mary Cummins posted her version of this story (pretending to be "a Jewish boy") according to this nutcase, the protesters were subjected to violence, the worshippers backed a car over the boy, and the protesters made a citizens arrest. IT NEVER HAPPENED. LAPD WAS THERE. IF THIS HAD HAPPENED, WHERE WAS THE POLICE REPORT. Why would they have to make a "citizen's arrest" with the LAPD present? Fact is, the harassers at the temple that day were the protestors, LED BY THE LA CHICKEN MARY CUMMINS, and not the worshippers. But that is what we mean when we say that Mary Cummins turns the tables, victimizes people, and then pretends that she is the victim. Sick stuff.

A reporter who attended wrote about the LA Chicken protest and Mary Cummins' version were miles apart...this was just a crazy sick anti-Semitic rant by INSANE MARY CUMMINS. (we will have more about this LA Chicken story in upcoming posts, including photos of nutcase Mary Cummins in her "full chicken costume," and how she outed her identity on LA Voice.)

And then, Mary Cummins spent a lot of time sending emails to City Council that some of her critics were about to be arrested. She posted on her blog that LAPD was on their way to several individuals homes. Mary Cummins tried repeatedly since 2000 to get her neighbor Jason Simas arrested. AGAIN, IT DID NOT HAPPEN. LAW ENFORCEMENT DOES NOT ARREST INNOCENT PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THE LOONY RANTINGS OF A NUTCASE.

And then there is this famous post, lampooned by bikers in Please note: IT WAS ILLEGAL! AND THE PROOF IS THAT ANTHONY ELGINDY (the subject) IS LOCKED UP IN THE FEDERAL POKEY. That sounds illegal enough to us! Also, as one of the posters pointed out to Crazy Mary Cummins, the FBI asks questions. They tend not to share classified investigation information on racketeering and securities fraud with lunatics.

To: semperfijarhead who wrote (77018) 5/28/2002 8:36:47 PM
From: was mmmary Read Replies (2) of 101666

I wasn't a member of the club

so I can't answer your questions. I don't believe he ever posted that information on a public thread or in his site or PRs. Also, I've spoken to FBI guys and they're shared information with me that I've even posted on the boards. I've had others tell me what FBI agents have told them. If this is illegal, why'd did they tell me this information and why didn't they tell me it was illegal for them to do so. I believed they were sharing information with me so I could help them with their cases. Same with SEC agents. They also never told me not to share the info or make it public. Who's in the wrong here?

Today, it came to our attention that one of Mary Cummins few supporters on the stock boards, a New Jersey man named Floyd, is back defending Mary Cummins with the old LIE that the FBI is investigating the victims of Mary Cummins.

Now, we've said this before. We feel bad for poor Floyd, having to defend this lunatic nutcase. HE HAS SO LITTLE TO WORK WITH. But Floyd needs a history lesson. If Mary Cummins is spending time with law enforcement lately (and according to her post on Mayor Sam, she was "dragged down" to LAPD anti-terrorism)we're guessing that MARY CUMMINS IS THE ONE THEY'RE INTERESTED IN. NOT OUR VICTIMS AND OUR VICTIMS BLOGS.

Why? Mary Cummins has a website where she posts the phone numbers and addresses of the mayor, his children, the Deputy Mayor's ex-wife and children, Ed Boks girlfriend, and numerous others. The language on that website is PURE HATE. Maybe law enforcement has an issue with that. Certainly, we can see where they might.

And Mary Cummins was a supporter of Anthony Elgindy. Maybe the FBI is interested in that. This woudn't surprise us, either. Mary Cummins has called the mayor of Los Angeles a "murderer" as well as "guilty of animal abuse." Mary Cummins posts home addresses of wives and children with words that look very inciteful to us. LAPD anti-terrorism has strongly told some of Mary Cummins victims that she is a concern. So maybe they're interested in that.

And then there are the infamous Mary Cummins blogs, threatening decent LA citizens from APPLYING FOR A CITY JOB.

Maybe they know things we don't. (Could be. But on the other hand, we KNOW A LOT.)

As for poor MISGUIDED Floyd, we think he needs to take a rest from defending this indefensible manic; maybe he might try spending less time bashing stocks and name calling on Silicon Investor where he appears to tag intelligent people as "loons" and more time on the rest of the Internet researching Mary Cummins LONG AND SERIOUS HISTORY of malicious behavior and stalking online and offline.

Tough as it might be for Floyd to face, it's a wasted effort to say that Mary Cummins, who was DRAGGED DOWN TO LAPD ANTI-TERRORISM, has now turned the tables and is having her victims arrested. The reason it sounds dopey and illogical is BECAUSE IT IS DOPEY AND ILLOGICAL.

Besides, as we just pointed out, Mary Cummins already tried that before. And since Mary Cummins returned to bash stocks as anniebonny she's already busted her alias by showing that she knows a lot more than a newcomer ever would about stocks. So there is that, too. And then, if you call LA City Council and ask each Councilmember what they know about Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates you will hear "wackjob" and "terrorist" tossed around.

Of course it is possible the FBI can't find the LA Mayor, Deputy Mayors, LA City Councilmembers, Animal Control Officers, LAAS GMs, Union Leaders, City Attorneys, LAPD anti-terrorism squad, LAPD anti-threat, and all the victims of Mary Cummins, including the bikers, neighbors, rescuers, reporters, attorneys and Ramones fans. (A broker that went to list Mary Cummins house was told by Mary Cummins that the "Ramones brothers" are stalking her and that the "Ramones wife wants to rape" her.) Mary Cummins has sent emails to the City Council, Fish and Game and copied the Mayor and Ed Boks that a group of rescuers want to "Rape and kill" her. Mary Cummins has also sent emails to City Council that an attorney wants to "rape and kill her" Face it, this Mary Cummins is a SICK NUTCASE. And maybe the FBI can't find all the victims and figure it out. But let's have a little trust here. After all, they are the FBI.

By the way, the Ramones aren't brothers. And most of them are dead.

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