Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Psycho Mary Cummins To Be Reported For LA City Witness Tampering.

That is right folks. As we predicted insane wackjob Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates could not control herself from contacting Ed Boks witnesses in her stupid lawsuit against Boks and the city. According to rescuers posting to the private blog http://mary-cummins.blogspot.com, this witness had already TOLD PSYCHO MARY CUMMINW TO LEAVE HER ALONE AND STILL THIS WITNESSW was CONTACTED AND HARASSED IN A PROVABLE WAY by Mary Cummins Insane Nutcase, and this witness had already REPEATEDLY TOLD PSYCHO MARY CUMMINS NOT TO CONTACT HER EVER AGAIN. HENCE THIS WITNESS WILL BE REPORTING MARY CUMMINS FOR WITNESS TAMPERING TOMORROW MORNING AND ASKING FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT TO LOOK INTO THIS.

Too bad Mary Cummins doesn't have City Hall Fatso Jim Bickhart to kick around anymore. Even he can't defend her. If he tries, he will probably be fired on the spot. On the other hand, would he even use as a defense of Psycho Mary Cummins? His old defense that she is good in bed? WHO EVEN CARES? It was corrupt for Jim Bickhart to sleep with this nutbag to begin with? Why would he defend her now that she is threatening the witnesses who have stepped forward to help LA City and Ed Boks?

If you are a witness for LAAS GM ED Boks, do not be afraid of Mary Cummins threats and harassment. We know some of you are planning to ask for LAPD Police Protection against this nutbag, but the important thing is to STAND YOUR GROUND. If you are a witness trying to do a good job and defending your government, if this PSYCHO MARY CUMMINS harasses or threatens you, please cooperate with law enforcement. We will keep you posted on these important developments.

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