Friday, December 14, 2007

LA's Animal Friends :: Interesting coincidence Mary Cummins Commits Copyright Infringement on LA's Animal Friends blog

Interesting Coincidence Mary Cummins reposted her insane blog EVEN AFTER BEING FIRED BY LA CITY

Here is nutso Mary Cummins on her insane blog about LA Animal Services GM Ed Boks, in her own words:
"I received a notice about a possibly copyright issue and an issue about two comments". ... ...

Fact: It wasn't "two comments." It was the entire blog.

Fact: was contacted about NUMEROUS BLATANT copyright infringement instances on Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates psycho cyberstalker blog INVESTIGATED the complaints and sent emails to the persons who complained that THEY HAD INDEED DETERMINED THERE WERE MANY INCIDENTS OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT BY MARY CUMMINS, which were incidents of entire articles posted by Mary Cummins in their entirety, violating Federal Laws about fair usage, without even so much as including a link to the original news site. Mary Cummins used AP articles, and articles from the LA Times, New York Times, LA Daily News, LA Weekly, and on and on. gave Psycho Mary Cummins aka LA Animal Lover an entire weeek to cure the copyright infringement or loose the entire insane blog.

Mary Cummins did not cure the copyright infringement. Mary Cummins insane threatening cyberstalker copyright infringement blog LA's Animal Friends was stripped down by on a Friday in November.

Mary Cummins then spent the ENTIRE WEEKEND cutting in half or down to a few paragraphs the articles she blatantly took from the AP, LA Times, LA Daily News etc.

Question: When The Law Offices of Rheuban & Gresen filed that meritless lawsuit against LA City and Ed Boks, citing that blog but FAILING TO NAME IT, were they aware of the numerous articles Mary Cummins posted on her insane blog and the ongoing issue of Fair Use and Federal Copyright Law? When they admit this blog into evidence, how do they plan to explain their nutty client's blatant disrespect for the law?

Do we have the emails from stating clearly that Mary Cummins committed copyright infringement on her Mary Cummins insane stalker blog LA's Animal Friends. INTERESTING COINCIDENCE: WE DO.

Stay tuned for more. You just can't make this stuff up.

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