Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who is who on the internet :: Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates NASTY Squirrel Photos

Please take note of the post below re: Mary Cummins strange insane post on squirrel circumcision from Part Three of the Special Series: What was the LAW FIRM OF RHEUBAN & GRESEN THINKING WHEN THEY FILED THIS MESS?

"Of course he was just suckling his own penis. No crow attacked his penis as she found him face down in the parking lot. I hope this vet didn't mess this guy up permanently. I do need an unreleasable but don't know how I will explain a circumcised squirrel penis to kids."

And then the question that maybe The LA City Attorneys, Ed Boks and LAAS asked, assuming they saw this sick rant and considered the city's responsibility here: Why would Mary Cummins, who is allowed to exhibit to schools, be explaining ANY PENIS to children? WHAT IS THIS EVEN ABOUT FOLKS? Would you want this NASTY sick nutbag Mary Cummins exhibiting squirrel penises to your children at school?

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